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Nursery, Primary & Secondary schools in Harpenden are becoming significantly oversubscribed, potentially denying access to the children of Harpenden.

Almost 30% of eldest children applying for Primary places in 2011 did not get one of their 3 ranked schools on allocation day. The situation worsened in 2012 when 61 children were not offered a place on allocation day. There has been a 48% increase in the percentage of children in Hertfordshire who did not receive a ranked allocation compared to 2011. The increase is simply due to there being more applicants resulting in a clear decline in the number of children receiving ranked allocations. The pressure on School places will continue in 2013 & 2014 based upon information on birth rates. We expect a continuation of the downward trend of parental choice – and this is expected to get worse over the next 3 years and beyond.

Harpenden Parents Group (HPG) is an organised group of concerned parents who want to safeguard the education of their children. By uniting as one co-ordinated body, we have been able to exert greater influence with Hertfordshire County Council on the future of Harpenden schooling.

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